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Need to get those clean nails and toes? Cuticle pusher is the perfect tool. Cuticle Pushers are used to push those ugly cuticles down the corners of your nails. The pointed tip on these Cuticle Pushers can be used to clean under the nails. They are quite easy to use and durable due to the stainless steel material used in their manufacturing.

We have a large collection of Cuticle Pushers from simple pointed to round and curved edges. Our huge collection of Cuticle Pushers are expertly crafted to be comfortable and easy to use. They have a no-slip handle to ensure strong grip that helps to work close to the cuticles without damaging them.

We are manufacturing and supplying Cuticle pushers since 90's, and we know what customer wants. Buy from our huge collection of Cuticle Pushers for your retail store or Salon in bulk quantity at an affordable price.

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