Scissors Care

High Quality scissors can serve you well for years if you use them with care. But incorrect use will ruin them. Following are the tips to follow for a great care of your scissors and other Instruments.

1) Cleaning

Clean your scissors after every haircut. When the blades of your scissors are constantly covered with Hairs, moisture and chemicals, definitely corrosion will occur. This mostly applies to nickel-plated or carbon steel scissors. Regular cleaning will help keep the blades stay sharp for a longer period of time. For perfect cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe your scissors.

2) Oiling

Oil your scissors every other day. A good coating of oil helps prevent moisture and will keep the scissors feeling smooth. And keep in mind to use only scissor oil for lubrication. Lubrication basically helps keep your scissors and blades run smoothly and precisely.

Do not use clipper oil, it will attract more dirt and ultimately shorten the life span of your scissors. Use a drop of scissor oil on the screw area and pour some down the blades for better results.

3) Adjusting your scissors

Adjust your scissors after oiling them or whenever they feel too tight or too loose. Complete scissor adjustment often depends on your personal interest. To adjust the scissors, you need to tighten or loosen the screw as needed. But be aware not to loosen or tighten more than required as this will damage the scissors or shears.

4) Sharpening

Sharpen your scissors to extend their lifetime. But only take your scissors to a professional sharpener, who is trained to work on haircutting scissors. Else you will ruin them. Most of the scissors require sharpening every three to six months. So take a good care of your scissors to make them last a lifetime.

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