Material Quality

The instruments need to be equally comfortable and sturdy for both the person who will receive the manicure as well as the person who performs it. Keeping that in mind, we completely consider High Material Quality to keep our products long-lasting and strong. We have a firm belief that Higher the Material Quality, Higher the Customer Satisfaction. That is why we prefer Stainless Steel as the basic material in the manufacturing of our products.

What Customers prefer:

      1) Sizing and Tension Adjustment

2) High Grade Stainless Steel

3) Distinctive durable design

4) Super Sharp Blades

5) Comfortable grips

6) Lightweight

Keeping these preferences in mind, Tecto manufactures the best Quality Scissors, Tweezers and Nail care instruments to achieve best customer satisfaction. Our products are manufactured by using the high-grade stainless steel to ensure durability and strength. Products made with this Stainless steel provide the basis for excellent cutting performance using the super sharp blades. Moreover, our products come with comfortable grips, sizing and tension adjustment. It has also the benefit of being lightweight, dustproof and can be sanitized easily.

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