Do all the scissors have the same steel?

No! The belief that “steel is steel” is wrong. Different countries use different manufacturing methods to create their steel. Steels from China are softer and while those from Germany or Sweden are unusually hard. You need a perfect balance between these two to get the perfect scissor.

How long should my scissors last?

Well, if you don’t clean your scissors, don’t perform regular maintenance, leave them anywhere without their pouch, then they may not even last a year.

However, if you give your scissors the attention and care they need, they will definitely last a lifetime. In fact, they will never let you and your customers down.

How should I clean my scissors?

Clean your Hair scissors with a soft cotton cloth. If the scissors are quite dirty or needs sanitizing, make sure to dip them in rubbing alcohol. Alcohol dries more quickly than any other chemical. Keep your scissors dry to keep them rust-free. Even the high quality scissors can rust if kept in harsh conditions.

What steel quality should I prefer while purchasing scissors?

We highly recommend you look for the High-grade stainless steel. It’s the most advanced and expensive scissor steel in the market. For more practical purposes, stainless steel with a 440C or higher grade will be great.

We at Tecto, uses the high-grade stainless steel to make our scissors durable and tough. As well as, to achieve customer satisfaction.

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