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Welcome to Tecto Manicure and beauty instruments, its highest quality beauty instruments are ultimate choice of Health, Hair, Nail, & Beauty conscious people. Established in 90s and realizing that valued customers are not provided the value for money and end customers was buying even the average quality manicure, pedicure, beauty scissors at high prices. Tecto beauty instruments has always strived in offering top notch quality instruments at affordable prices with excellent customer service. Recognizing the needs of growing international market of Personal Care Implements, Tecto Beauty extended its best endeavors to bring most innovated stainless steel applications for Beauty Care requirements.Focusing on both Retail and Professional market, Tecto Beauty instruments is focusing on the individual's needs for the coming era while believing there is no end towards the journey of excellence.

Tecto beauty Instruments was established as best quality manufacturer and exporter of beauty, manicure, pedicure instruments and all types of beauty scissors. We are dedicated to servicing and supplying the world with a complete line of highest quality beauty, manicure, pedicure instruments at competitive prices.

Tecto beauty Instruments manufacturing plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified and many other quality assurance certificates and focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction so you must pay attention to the customer. We maintain full control over the entire process of Beauty care instruments Production, from the original concept origination and design to the production of the tools and instruments. We are strictly controlling all the stages in the production process to maintain the quality standards. We build up our own product range. We can quickly incorporate new knowledge into our products and meet new demands from business partners and customers. We ensure our participation in all the global trade and exhibitions in order to cater the needs of diverse customers throughout the globe. We are self-reliant manufacturer with all in the house production processes, from raw material to end user applying the most modern and latest technology and continually striving for innovation.

Our Mission
To be a strong and dynamic set up providing creative innovative, stimulating advanced technology product and solution to meet and satisfy customer`s needs and requirements, for the benefits of the industry in particular and community in general.

Product Portfolio
• Manicure Kit
• Pedicure Kit
• Beauty & Nail scissors
• Nail Nippers
• Professional Hair Cutting scissors
• Eyebrow Tweezers

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